Laser Treatments for Toenail Fungus

Dr. Salvatore Gaudino, DPM of Brooklyn Podiatry Associates is now performing laser treatments for nail fungus!


The laser procedure is done right in Dr. Gaudino’s office with no anesthesia, minimal pain, and proven clinical results. Get rid of your unsightly, embarrassing nails for the amazing low price of $500 for four treatments.


At the initial consultation, Dr. Gaudino will examine you and recommend a painless biopsy of the nail. He will then take photographs of your nails. Then he will use a highly specialized painless nail grinder to reduce the thickness of the nail so that the laser can penetrate more effectively. After this, Dr. Gaudino will perform the laser procedure using his state-of-the-art FDA approved Cool Touch Laser.  The procedure usually takes approximately 20 minutes. There is no anesthesia and very little pain or heat. No pain medication is required after the procedure, and patients can resume their normal activities.


Patients will not see results right away. However, as the new nail grows in, it will show signs of clearing from the bottom.  To increase the success rate, Dr. Gaudino recommends four laser procedures (every other week). The cost is $500 for the four treatments, due at the first visit. If a patient cannot pay the full cost at the first visit, Dr. Gaudino will discuss payment arrangements.


Dr. Gaudino also recommends an anti-fungal topical medication to help prevent recurrence of the fungal infection. The medicine is safe and effective with no side effects, and it can be purchased from Dr. Gaudino for $40.


The laser procedure is a safe and effective treatment for nail fungus with a high success rate. Dr. Gaudino and his staff will make every effort to help you look and feel your best!



Before and After Pictures

before_and_after_10 before_and_after_3 before_and_after_2