Ingrown Toenail

If you trim your toenails too short, particularly on the sides of your big toes, you may set the stage for an ingrown toenail.

Like many people, when you trim your toenails, you may taper the corners so that the nail curves with the shape of your toe. But this technique may encourage your toenail to grow into the skin of your toe.

An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail grows down and into the skin of the toe. There may be pain, redness, and swelling around the nail.

An ingrown toenail may also happen if you wear shoes that are too tight or too short.


Call Your Health Care Provider If:

  • you are unable to trim an ingrown toenail
  • have severe pain, redness, swelling, or fever
  • If you have diabetes, nerve damage in the leg or foot, poor blood circulation to your foot, or an infection around the nail.
  • If you have diabetes, see your provider.